Stock whiskies

Own Label Company has access to well-known suppliers in the whisky trade. We have a consistent stock of Highland Single Malt Scotch whisky and Blended Scotch whisky, available for supply. These whiskies are carefully chosen and monitored on behalf of our customers, ensuring a consistent supply of high quality whiskies. We pride ourselves on the quality of the whisky, mindful of the importance of this for our customers.

The consistent supply and availability of age statement whiskies has become more challenging as well as pricey. OLC may be able to supply small parcels of these malts, for small volume runs, please do get in touch if this is of interest.

Specialist super premium whiskies

We can also supply small parcels of aged whiskies as well as single casks when requested. When appropriate, we like to send the empty cask to the customer so that when selling the bottles, the cask can be seen by their visitors or customers – a huge talking point and often helps with sales.

Packaging, embellishments, finish glasses

We are in contact with many different packaging companies who provide bespoke tubes, boxes, cartons for bottles.  We assist the customer with the design and production of packaging.  This service is charged at the packaging cost in order that the customer can use their budget where it matters. Embellishments for bottles such as tags, wax seals, medallions etc can be sourced and produced for the customer – Own Label Company are able to hand finish bottles for customers.

Bottles and Glasses

Own Label Company has a small range of bottles in stock which customers can choose for their edition.  We can also supply a range of premium bottles for customers, which can allow for the customers’ bottle to push into the super premium category of spirits as well as add to the saleability of the product. Own Label Company supply crystal glasses and decanters, engraved to the customer’s specification.

We’d be delighted to send more information about what Own Label Company can provide, or better still have an opportunity to meet and discuss your requirements. Please get in contact with us.